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Plaintext or Comma-Separated Values Files


Perhaps the simplest input file type Offliner supports is the plaintext (or comma-separated values) file. This file can be as simple as a list of paths, with no repository base-URLs provided. If you want verification, you can turn it into a comma-separated values file, where the first field is a SHA-256 checksum and the second is the path (again, no repository base-URLs).

Flexible Checksum Handling

This is Offliner’s original file format, and as such we’ve opted to support the original, bare-bones list-of-paths variation where checksum validation is completely disabled. If your file doesn’t provide checksums, the validation step will simply be disabled for your file. If you combine a list-of-paths file with something else that does provide checksums, Offliner will validate checksums for whatever it can, and simply download the rest (and hope for the best).

Example: List-Of-Paths, The Simplest Possible Offliner Input File

The following illustrates the list-of-paths file that was the original file format for Offliner:


It is literally just a list of paths to download from the first repository that provides them.

Example: Comma-Separated Checksums and Paths

This is the other currently supported plaintext format, a comma-separated file with SHA-256 checksum in the first field and path in the second:


This works exactly as the list-of-paths file, except all downloaded files will be verified against their provided checksum.